The Metro Pain Clinic Group

The Metro Pain Clinic Group

Diagnosis and Management of Complex Pain Problems

Metro Spinal Clinic, is a specialist facility devoted to the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, located in  Melbourne.


Metro Pain Clinic (MPC) is a group of specialist medical facilities devoted to high-standard medical and interventional management of acute and chronic musculoskeletal, neuropathic and other complex pain problems. The range of problems that are typically managed include·headache,·neck painback pain and disc pain; peripheral joint pain (such as the shoulder and hip); chronic post-surgical pain·and·other more complex pain syndromes, including·neuropathic pain and pelvic pain.

The Metro Spinal Clinic (MSC), one of our locations in Caulfield South Victoria, was the first of these clinics. In 2011, MSC was awarded the Excellence in Pain Practice Award after assessment by the World Institute of Pain (WIP). This award, the first given in Australia, was for "clinical pain practice specializing in musculoskeletal pain syndromes".

The MPC group brings together a team of highly experienced practitioners, including musculoskeletal, sports and interventional pain physicians. Our practitioners participate in continuing medical education and contribute substantially to the scientific literature in the field of pain medicine. Additionally, our practitioners continue to be invited as keynote speakers at international conferences in this field of medicine. We keep up to date with contemporary research, and indeed contribute to it.  

State of the art equipment is available to the MPC practitioners, enabling expert imaging and precision interventional pain procedures. 

It should be noted that although medical consultations are part of the Medicare system, the interventions are performed in Private facilities. Workcover and TAC pain problems are also dealt with at MPC.  


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Specializing in the investigation diagnosis and treatment of: back pain including low back pain, neck pain/whiplash, sciatica, disc pain, hip & grow pain, headache, referred & chronic pain syndromes, failed back surgery

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